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December 01, 2019

There is nothing more exciting than wrapping a surprise and placing it under the tree for that special someone. You can choose the colour of wrapping, the ribbon to match and top it off with a matching name tag. However, have you noticed the big pile of rubbish left after the excitement of opening passes? And how it gets shoved into the bin, just to be thrown away? Well, we have opted for a more environmentally friendly Christmas this year! And we would like you to join us.


Not only do these look beautiful under the Christmas tree but they can be kept and re-used. It's like two gifts in one! You can choose any colour, style or pattern to match your Christmas theme and they don't need unnecessary plastic ribbons to make them shine.

Top Christmas Gifts

Aromatherapist Essentials Box
Limited edition Sleep Ritual Box
Limited edition Immunity Ritual Box
Ultimate Wellbeing 12 Pack
Relax & Unwind Trio
Nebulising Diffuser
Deep Sleep Trio
Lifestyle Collection
Tranquil Ceramic Mist Diffuser
Bestselling Blends 6 Pack



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