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June 09, 2020

It seems simple – just rub a dry brush over our body and say hello to soft supple skin. However, to receive the full benefits (and keep skin healthy!) the right technique needs to be used. Here are the steps to healthy radiant skin using a dry brush:


1. Take the brush in your dominant hand, and gently stroke your body in a swooping gesture from the feet up, moving towards the heart centre.

2. If you are new to dry body brushing, start with a light and soft stroke.

3. Use a natural lotion to hydrate the skin after showering.

4. Shower – and enjoy soft and smooth skin!


Yes, it’s that simple. And if you still have questions, please review our most frequently asked questions below.

I have sensitive skin, should I still do it?

Should you have any doubts or concerns, we recommended speaking with a doctor or healthcare professional before incorporating any new wellness routines. From our experience, dry brushing softly with sensitive skin is okay however, this varies between each individual’s skin preferences and conditions.

How often should I dry brush?

This varies based on your skin sensitivity and threshold. However, we would recommend no more than two times a week to receive its full benefits.

What are the benefits?

There’s a lot of debate around the benefits of dry brushing. One thing we know for sure is that it exfoliates the skin to reveal soft touchable skin! Learn more here.

Is it scientifically proven to decrease cellulite?

Technically, no it is not scientifically proven to decrease cellulite. However, many users have said dry brushing has decreased their cellulite. Check out Melissa Wood health’s video on dry brushing forher first-hand experiences! Also, many people relate dry brushing to massages which have been scientifically proven to decrease cellulite.

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