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October 09, 2018

Life is busy! Everyday there's hustle and bustle and the consequence of living in such a fast-paced world can often be increased stress and pressure, and unhealthy coping habits going along with this. It's likely we've all been guilty of using some not so healthy methods to give us that much needed boost of energy (too much caffeine and high sugar energy drinks). 

Luckily there are natural alternatives out there to uplift the mood and bring increased energy. Essential oils are one of these great natural alternatives, with many oils having powerful energy-boosting properties, helping to invigorate and awaken the senses. These are some of our favourite essential oils to boost your energy, naturally:

Rosemary: a refreshing, stimulating herbal fragrance that clears the mind and promotes mental awareness.

Black pepper:with a fresh, warm and woody scent, black pepper is an invigorating oil which increases energy. Black pepper is perfect for recharging the mental batteries and increasing motivation. 

Peppermint: with a sharp, refreshing menthol fragrance, peppermint is excellent for mental fatigue and depression. It refreshes the spirit, stimulates mental agility and improves concentration.

Grapefruit: with a fresh, sweet and citrus scent, grapefruit Essential Oil is great for helping exhaustion and stress as it is very uplifting.

Lemon:light and refreshing, lemon is great for mental alertness, it clears the mind and aids in decision making. It's stimulating on the mind, lifting the spirits and is useful in times of mental fatigue, making it great for study.

Tangerine: a refreshing, light and citrus scent that is very uplifting. Helps to refresh the mind. 

Basil: with a pleasant, fresh, herbaceous scent, basil helps to improve clear thinking and assists with mental fatigue.

Cinnamon: a sweet, warm and spicy scent great for lifting your spirits and combatting exhaustion.

Energy blend: lift your spirits with our very own Energy Blend, with lavender, rosemary, juniper & black pepper essential oils. Helpful to promote an energy boost and uplift your mood.

The next time you're feeling tired and need a natural energy boost, try burning one of the above oils in your diffuser. You could also pre-make up your own rollerball blend to keep on hand, or grab our Energy Rollerball if you're short on time.


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