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April 28, 2020

Over ten years ago, the ECO. story began on the beautiful Gold Coast, to the backdrop of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Our founder Claire was passionate about healthy, natural and active living and wanted a way to bring that into the world. She left her career as a financial director in the high-tech industry to pursue her dream of starting her own venture. Enter ECO. Modern Essentials, your source for all things health and wellbeing. As the business grew from a start-up to a global online wellness brand, she surrounded herself with a team of driven and dedicated individuals to continue serving ECO. customers’ health and wellbeing. And now, after ten years – the rest is history.


We love getting to know you through the ECO. Facebook Family– so we thought we’d formally introduce ourselves. Meet the team!

Claire - CEO & Founder.

At 5’3” you might miss Claire in a crowd until you realize, she brought the crowd – she’s ready.to.go at all times. In her past career, she was fondly known as “pocket rocket” and we’re not going to waste one iota of time arguing that nickname. We’re sure glad she decided to leave her high-powered stelleto struttin’ pantsuit wearin’ CFO gig to start ECO. – thanks for that, Clarie!


Fave Essential Oil:Australian Shores – an ode to my favorite place! 

Superpower at work:Empowering others 

#1 Self-care Tip:Working out first thing in the morning will keep you energized and balanced throughout your day.  




Teddie - Head Pupperoni

Teddi isn’t just the cutest dog in the office, he’s also the cutest dog in the world – and that’s a fact backed by 25 years of hard scientific research from the most prestigious universities around the world. We’re so proud to have such an esteemed colleague on our team!


Fave Essential Oil:Peanut butter. 

Superpower at work:Cute with cheeky negotiation skills (watch out!) 

#1 Self-care Tip:Play, play, play all darn day!

Favorite quote:“Woof!”

Natalie - E-commerce Manager

Finance controller and athlete, Natalie is a living contradictory but – but, no big deal she can’t be defined. Between balancing a full-time work schedule managing the ECO. website and finances this world champion professional swimmer for the New Zealand Black Fins gets it all done and then some. She lives the motto, “Beyonce has the same number of hours in a day as us” but takes it up an extra notch, who runs the ECO. world? Natalie.



Moon - Graphic Designer

Our very own Van Goh (but #femalepower) you’ve seen her work on every label, email, and webpage. She doesn’t just bring the vision, she is the vision. Her kind and supportive nature has been blessing ECO. since she was sixteen (she started five years ago as a warehouse assistant!) and worked with us through college, now she’s our one and only graphic designer!


Fave Essential Oil:A tough choice between Energy and Dream Drops. I use one during the day and another at night! 

Superpower at work: I can do EVERYTHING! Well … almost everything ;)

#1 Self-care Tip: Create a relaxing night time routine to pamper yourself!

                                                                          Liz - Marketing Coordinator

Spearheading launches, content, and communications with our favorite customers (you!) comes naturally to Liz, as she’s probably the most caring person in the world next to Mother Theresa and Gandhi. Serving the ECO. family is Liz’s #1 concern and she’s made it her mission to do that in an environmentally responsible way – meet the woman, behind our recycling program. Thanks, Liz for saving the planet one ECO. bottle at a time!


Fave Essential Oil:I have too many favourites! But if I had to choose one, I would say May Chang...or ECO. Little Lullaby

Superpower at work:Planning. Occasionally, fixing grammar mistakes :)

#1 Self-care Tip:I meditate every morning and it helps me stay grounded and steady.

Georgia - Marketing Assistant

To say we stole Georgia from her former career as a Spa Trainer would be an understatement. We spent a few years going to the spas she managed, carefully plotting our next moves to the point where she could pick up the scent of Ylang Ylang essential oils a mile away. We were coming for you Georgia. Stalkers? No, we just know what we want when we see it. And quite frankly it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made because she’s capable of anything from marketing to the warehouse and she also has really cute nieces and that’s important around here.  


Fave Essential Oil:Jasmine, it reminds me of my childhood! But i also LOVE Sleep - a must-have!

Superpower at work:Helping hand - anything you need I’m willing to help in any way I can. Also, brightening the day with memes! (it’s serious work)#1 Self-care Tip:Water fixes everything! And a good skin-care routine, sunscreen EVERYDAY!

Allie - Customer Care

You know Allie as the gal behind our live chat but we know her as the gal who brings the sweets and then some. She’s not only the nicest person you’ll ever meet – she’ll also bring the tastiest treats to ever grace your tastebuds. We highly recommend you ask her to make your next birthday cake, she’s taking orders for 2024 already!


Fave Essential Oil:ECO. Detox Blend, I have it in my nebuliser and put it on to purify the air. It is also a beautiful fresh and zesty scent.

Superpower at work:Making sure everyone receives their ECO. order

#1 Self-care Tip:I love going for a walk after work especially at the beach, I pop in my headphones, listen to a podcast and reflect on my day.

Larissa - Warehouse

Ever wondered how you received your ECO. package lighting fast? Well, you can thank Larissa for that. If you ever want to get a workout just stop by our warehouse and watch Larissa, your eyes will move so quickly that you’ll lose 75 pounds (FACT!) We swear she only has one speed – “GO” and not only is she super fast she’s as smart as a whip. Just don’t get in her way or else she might have to crack it.


Fave Oil - Lavender would have to be my favourite, it is so versatile & calms down my puppy.
Superpower - Super speedy
#1 Self-care Tip - Going for walks with my pug

Tina - Warehouse

Bad day, questioning life’s most existential questions – Broadbeach or Burleigh heights? Pizza or pasta? Should we diffuse Clary Sage or Eucalyptus? Life can really be difficult sometimes and that’s when we’re grateful Tina is on our team. She’s known as the mum with a big heart – always there to lend her time and energy to those in need. We’re not just grateful that Tina exists on our team, but that someone like her exists in this world.


Fave Oil - I love lemon myrtle, it makes me feel so happy & relaxed
Superpower - Parcel tetris champion
#1 Self-care Tip- Spending time with family, especially my granddaughter

Jacinda - Operations and Supply Chain Manager

Imagine you’re living the most stressful day and a wise sage appears smelling of lavendar and a subtle calm washes over your anxiety. You hear a reasurring voice saying, “It will all work out”. That’s how we feel around Jacinda. Sure, part of this wisdom comes from having worked with us for over a million years, but we’re pretty sure most of it is due to her methodical and purposeful approach to everything she does. We hope you have a Jacinda in your life, because we could all use a little wisdom these days.

Ty- Digital Marketing

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg– these visionaries share something with our digital marketing maven Ty and that’s creativity and persistence. Ty challenges our status quo pushing us to learn and grow to be harder, faster, stronger. No, we’re not just quoting Daft Punk for the fun of it, it’s just been stuck in our heads ever since we met him and we had to get it out. Sorry, not sorry –enjoy the tunes.

Camille - Warehouse

The dictionary has it all wrong. If we were running the dictionary, “in a jiffy” would be “in a Camille” – we’re considering sending Teddi to negotiate this new definition to Mr. Webster himself because Camille is so quick she’s QUEEN. We’re so grateful to have someone who’s speedy to ensure you get your packages on time and we’re thrilled that she’s just accepted a full-time role with us!


#1 Fave Oil - Sweet orange, it reminds me of the summertime
Superpower - I like to think I'm pretty good at filling.
#1 Self-care Tip- A good nights sleep

Cat - USA Marketing Director

Our newest recruit, Cat prefers Yoga Nidra over Vinyasa (because doing nothing has never been so accepted), works in the USA making ECO. US dreams come true. She’s the only US employee there, so give her a call sometime. But, a word from the wise, don’t ask her what her favorite book is unless you want to talk for hours.


Fave Essential Oil:Energy – Itry to avoid coffee and this helps boost me in the afternoon! 

Superpower at work: Finding a way to get it done no matter the circumstance.

#1 Self-care Tip:A solid morning routine, I always rise before the sun and journal. It’s a great way to center yourself before you start your day!

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