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What are people saying about the Fight the Flu Aroma Trio?


"I love the sinus blend, add the eucalyptus and tea tree oils and you have a flu fighting diffuser blend to neutralize any nasties."

Lyn H. Australia

Travel essentials

Easy to keep on hand for those trips away, long haul flights or changing climates. These oils will aid your immune system and assist in fighting off cold and flu symptoms.

Natural alternative

Help support and heal your respiratory system with these essential oils.

Great value

Save when you buy in a trio collection.

How do I use these oils?


Aromatherapy is a great inclusion to your morning ritual.


  • Diffusing: Start your day by diffusing Sinus Clear blend. This will help to create a clear mind for your day ahead and eliminate airborne pathogens.
  • Quick fix: If you are feeling heavy headed, a few deep inhalations from one or all bottles can help when you are at work, in the car or anytime you need a quick break.
  • Disinfectant Spray: Add 10 to 20 drops of essential oils to 500ml/16.91fl.oz of water in a spray bottle. Combine Tea Tree & Eucalyptus for an ultimate disinfectant. Shake before use.


These essential oils have calming properties and are perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.


  • Diffusing: Add 6-8 of your preferred flu remedy essential oils to create a clean and fresh atmosphere. You can also mix 2 or all 3 of the oils if you wish to be creative.
  • Shower: Adding a couple of drops of essential oil to your shower can bring relief to a congested nose and throat.
  • Steam Inhalation: For the treatment of blocked sinus, congested lungs, dry cough and/or irritated throat, add up to 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Place your face close to the bowl and cover the back of your head and bowl with a towel to trap the aromatic vapours. Inhale for a few minutes and repeat every three hours for up to three days. Too many drops of essential oil in a steam treatment can cause excess mucous production and be irritating to the eyes, throat and lungs; 2 drops are enough for this method.
  • Compress: A hot compress can be used if steam inhalation is inappropriate. Add 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of warm water. Submerge a face washer and wring out excess water. Apply compress to chest and change as required.

What's in my kit?

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: A familiar camphorous aroma of Eucalyptus is medicinal and clearing to the mind, well-known for its healing effects on the respiratory system.


Sinus Clear Essential Oil Blend: A clearing blend to help treat the symptoms of hay fever, sinus, colds and flu. Sinus Clear blend combines the essential oils of Lemongrass, Lime, Grapefruit and Peppermint to lighten a heavy head.


Tea Tree Essential Oil: Inhalation of Tea Tree can help treat respiratory complaints. The expectorant and antimicrobial action of Tea Tree makes it a good remedy for the treatment of colds and flu.

Why ECO?

  • Australian made
  • PETA approved vegan & cruelty free
  • All natural
  • 100% recyclable
  • We sell direct to the consumer

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