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What are people saying about the Sinus Clear Blend?


"Your sinus clear essential oil is amazing. I purchased this oil, as my hubby was having trouble breathing because of all the smoke from the recent bushfires and he was amazed at the difference it made...thank you. We'll definitely be enjoying more of your beautiful range."

Julie-Anne M. Australia

Easy to use

Already blended to the perfect balance, simply add straight into your diffuser, carrier oil or DIY recipe.

Enhance wellbeing

Assists in hay-fever, cold & flu symptoms, clearing blocked & congested sinuses and purifying the air.


Different from the rest, Sinus Clear steps away from the generic cold & flu remedies to bring you a unique and refreshing blend.

How will I use this blend?

Sinus Clear is great to incorporate in your daily routine, there are a range of ways to utilise it into your day.

  • Add a few drops to your diffuser.
  • Add 2-3 drops in a dispersant, such as oil, to the bath at night time to help decongest a heavy head.
  • Add a few drops in the shower.
  • Place a couple of drops on your pillow before you go to sleep.
  • Mix 1 drop with 5ml/0.17fl.oz carrier oil and apply to wrists and back of neck before going to bed.
  • Add 2 drops to a bowl of water, agitate a face washer, wring out and apply to chest for relief.
  • A quick fix can be done by inhaling straight from the bottle.

What's in my blend?

Grapefruit: A sweet and fruity citrus can help lift a depressed mood and re-energise. Grapefruit acts as a stimulant, which can help improve a sluggish and cold digestive fire.


Lemongrass: A powerful, bright and fresh aroma to cut through fatigue and brain fog.


Lime: The clean fresh scent of Lime essential oil is uplifting and energising. Can assist in supporting the body's detoxification processes.


Peppermint: Must-have in the household due to its multiple uses and benefits such as enhancing mood, easing headaches, relieving muscle aches, clearing blocked sinuses, supporting healthy digestion and treating skin conditions.

Why ECO?

  • Australian made
  • PETA approved vegan & cruelty free
  • All natural
  • 100% recyclable
  • We sell direct to the consumer
  • Access to our online wellness community

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