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Mistique Ceramic Mist Diffuser

$65.00 $85.00


Enjoy your favourite essential oils in your home or office with this luxury mist diffuser.

Add your favourite essential oils to the ready diffuser. The diffuser will disperse a fine mist of tiny essential oil molecules into the air.

The result... a beautiful ambient atmosphere.

How to use:


- Disperses only a cool mist vapour
- Continuous Mist function up to 4 hours at a time
- Intermittent Mist function 30sec On / 30sec Off up to 7-8 hours
- Multi LED or Single LED Lighting
- Mode Independent Light or Mist operation
- Automatic shut off, at low water level
- Offers Humidifier characteristics
- No oily hot water or naked flame
- Easy to Clean & Maintain Eco Friendly


Dimensions: 85mm W x 150mm H
Power Input: 220/240V AC - 50/60Hz
Power Output: 4V DC 0.5A 12 watts

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