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About Essential Oils

From the ancient Egyptians and Chinese to the Romans and Arabians, the beneficial properties of the pure essences of plants have been known and practiced for thousands of years, for spiritual and medicinal purposes to promote physical and emotional health and well being.

The ECO. collection contains an extensive range of 100% pure essential oils and blends that harness this ancient tradition for modern use of therapeutic benefits and sensory experience.

What makes the ECO. range different to many other essential oils on the market is that we have modernised aromatherapy to make it easy to introduce the benefits of essential oils into your life. We do this by creating themed kits that help you know exactly when and how you can use essential oils.

Some of these trios include our Travel Essentials Trio, Calm & Destress Trio and Fight the Flu Trio



About Essential Oils

Essential oils are basically organic compounds extracted from plants. Each of these unique aromatic compounds captures from the plant gives the essential oils their characteristic essence and benefits. Essential oils are usually extracted through steam distillation, solvent or cold pressing.

Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that's ready for use. This result in providing 100% pure essential oils, explaining why they are so powerful.

Essential oils can be used on their own or diluted in a carrier oil depending on the intended purpose. 



How to use: Modern-day scientists have found that various essential oils have strong therapeutic properties, working against infections, bacteria and even viruses. They can influence your moods, sharpen your focus, promote relaxation and enhance sensuality. ECO. modern essentials offers natural solutions in alleviating common ailments and stress using these natural ancient remedies for modern day living.

Vaporisers Enjoy the aromas & the benefits or essential oils at home or at work by adding to your vaporiser. Add 6-8 drops of ECO. essential oil to your electric or tealight vaporiser. For tealight vaporisers, add 3/4 water to the top dish before adding your essential oils.
Bath Slipping into a warm bath with your favourite essential oil is pleasurable way of enjoying it's aroma & benefits for mind & body. Not all essential oils are suitable to be used in the bath, please check our website for individual instructions for each oil. Add 3-5 drops of ECO. essential oil to a full bath before immersing yourself in the warm water.
Shower Enjoy the infusion of essential oils with the vapour of a warm shower. Apply to an area on the shower floor where you are not standing as to be mindful not to slip. Sprinke 1-2 drops of ECO. essential oil on the recess of your shower floor.
Massage Massage is a popular way to enjoy the therapeutic touch of an experience massage therapist combined with the benefits or aromatherapy. Sensitive skins may wish to perform patch test to the skin before the massage. See under safety & precautions for instructions. Add 3-6 drops of ECO. essential oil to a carrier oil for use in massage.
Steam Inhalation Some essential oils are very beneficial to help with symptoms of coughs & colds & respiratory issues.
Add 1-2 drops of ECO. essential oil to a bowl of steaming water & cover the head with a towel. Close the eyes & inhale deeply.
Pillow Several essential oils are beneficial to help with relaxation & encourage a good night's sleep. Add a drop to your pillow before sleep. Take care to not get oil in your eyes.


Safety & precautions with using essential oils Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile substances and therefore care must be taken when using them on the body. The following guidelines need to be read before commencing using any essential in the ECO. AROMA range.

*Please check our website for individual instructions for each oil.

PREGNANCY: Caution needs to be taken using essential oils during pregnancy and in the case of some essential oil avoided all together. Certain oils are very stimulating some having a diuretic effect while others can induce menstruation and effective hormones.  For more on using essential oils during pregnancy please click here.
AVOID USING SUNBEDS AND DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Some essential, oils mainly expressed citrus oils, can cause the skin to become photosensitive for a short period of time. It is best to avoid direct sun exposure and sunbeds at least 24 hours after use of these oils on the skin.
RECOMMENDED DILUTIONS ECO. recommends 6 drops of essential oil to 12ml of carrier oil of an ADULTS massage. ECO. recommends 3 drops of essential oil to 12ml of carrier oil of for CHILDREN, ELDERLY AND PREGNANT WOMEN.
SKIN SENSITIVE: some essential oils can irritate sensitive skin. ECO recommends doing a patch test on the inner arm before uses.
CONSULT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER: if any symptoms persist ensure you consult your health care provider.